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Ferran Adria Inspired Evening

08-Jul-2014 TO 04-Sep-2014

On September 4th, in partnership with the Financial Times, the Windows Restaurant will have the pleasure of welcoming the world-renowned Ferran Adria, known as being one of the best chefs in the world. To honour his presence, our Chef Philippe Audonnet will orchestrate a Ferran Adria-inspired menu. Whilst this occasion is already fully booked, we are giving you the chance to live the unforgettable experience of a Ferran Adria inspired menu on Friday, September 5th. Whilst Ferran Adria will unfortunately not be present on this evening, his presence will be felt while you living this remarkable moment of unreprochable “haute gastronomie”.

Fetes De Geneve

17-Jul-2014 TO 10-Aug-2014

This August will see Geneva overtaken by its annual Fetes de Geneve celebration, which attracts roughly two million party goers every year.

Considered the highlight of summer, this spectacle of dance, music, variety, performance and carnival rides lasts for a full ten days, culminating in a tremendous firework display that always gets the crowd going.

Fireworks for Dessert

09-Aug-2014 TO 09-Aug-2014

The Geneva Festival, a month of spectacular events and fabulous festivities in and around the city, comes to a glorious climax at 10pm on Saturday August 9. Over 500,000 spectators line the shores of the lake but if you want ringside seats whilst avoiding the crush then dine at Windows Restaurant that evening.  We’ll treat you to a memorable culinary experience, followed by 55 minutes of the most amazing fireworks in complete comfort while enjoying your coffees and brandies!