Fine Wines

From our Cellar

Geneva is surrounded by vineyards. With an annual production of around 87 million litres the canton is Switzerland’s third largest wine producer, and an understanding of and enthusiasm for wine is part of our local heritage.

With over 225 bins in our cellar, Thomas Soriano, our professional Sommelier has created an elegant and stylish wine list that fully lives up to this tradition. Noted for its extraordinary range and breadth, our wine loving diners certainly find their favourite bottles, but are equally delighted to be introduced to new favourites from the list. If you are curious and ready for new experiences, Thomas will be happy to open a few of her more esoteric bottles, such as a Canadian or Indian wine.

In line with its enthusiasm for fine wine Red Carnation supports and works in close affiliation with the celebrated Bouchard Finalyson winery, makers of some of South Africa’s most distinguished wines, and Hotel d'Angleterre is proud to present a range of these outstanding vintages.