A Taste of Syria at Hotel d'Angleterre


Hotel d’Angleterre has partnered with the Refugee Food Festival along with the United Nations Refugee Agency. The exclusive Window's restaurant is the only restaurant of its calibre taking part in the week-long Refugee Food Festival, offering diners a true taste of Syria.


07th October 2017

Hotel d'Angleterre

This month, Hotel d’Angleterre in Geneva is taking part in the Refugee Food Festival in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The festival aims to provide refugee chefs with access to professional kitchens in order for them to showcase their exceptional skills. Acting as a platform for the chefs, the festival is built on the belief that food is a powerful tool for social integration, and it sets out to challenge common misconceptions surrounding displaced people. Furthermore, the festival, which takes place in several European cities including Geneva, works alongside restauranteurs in the host city, asking that they help support refugees seeking employment in the food industry.

Refugee Food Festival

Hotel d’Angleterre is the only hotel in Geneva and the only restaurant of its calibre taking part in the week-long Refugee Food Festival. On 11th October 2017, the hotel’s exclusive Windows Restaurant, with its jaw-dropping lakeside location and mountain views, will offer diners a taste of Syria. Syrian chef Nadeem Khadem Al Jamie will take over the Windows kitchen and create a special Syrian feast, showcasing the flavours of his homeland and also his gastronomic flair.

The festival is a chance for both the refugee chefs and the cooks from the host city to learn new skills and expand their knowledge of foreign cuisine. Both parties will discover ingredients they didn’t know of before, as well as suppliers that they haven’t previously worked with. What’s more, as Nadeem does not speak French yet, the hotel will have two dedicated translators on hand in the kitchen so that the chef can give his instructions to the team. Nadeem has worked closely with Windows’ Executive Chef Michael Coquelle to create to a menu of both cold and hot mezze dishes that showcases authentic Syrian cooking. It’s sure to be a night to remember at Hotel d’Angleterre, championing a worthwhile initiative that challenges stereotypes, helps to provide access to employment, and brings people together as they discover delicious new cuisines.

Sample Michael Coquelle’s elegant menu at Windows Restaurant and learn about the other charitable causes that Hotel d’Angletere supports.

Image Credits: All images courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels.

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