Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Geneva


With the city's best chefs becomingly increasingly creative with plant-based ingredients, Geneva isn't short of great vegan restaurants.


16th July 2018

Hotel d'Angleterre

Known for its cheese as well as its combination of French and Italian cuisines, Geneva is not typically thought of as ‘vegan-friendly’. However, thanks to international influences from further afield and the growing popularity of dishes that draw on plant-based ingredients, there’s now plenty of places to find delicious meatless and dairy-free options. From a butcher’s shop that’s been converted into an all-vegan café to Windows Restaurant at the Hotel d’Angleterre, here’s where to find the best vegan food in Geneva.

Vegan Geneva


The dish du jour at laidback Mu-Food might be flavoursome millet cakes with spinach and lentils or a comforting soya protein dish with yellow rice, served with a punchy tomato, turmeric, ginger and garlic sauce. Their inventive vegetarian food, which takes inspiration from numerous global cuisines, can be enjoyed on their pavement-side terrace on a balmy day.

Aux Deux Portes

It used to be a butcher’s shop, but Aux Deux Portes has had a thoroughly meat-free makeover, and now sells a selection of organic produce as well as hot drinks and daily specials. The cosy café is the perfect spot to grab a treat to take away. Although, deciding between sweet and savoury baked goods, such as their vegetable tart or tasty tofu cheesecake, won’t be easy. Found between Parcs Geisendorf, Beaulieu and de Trembley, there’s ample green space andbenches for relaxing and nibbling your vegan meal nearby. 

Windows Restaurant at the Hotel d’Angleterre

The panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mount Blanc found at Windows Restaurant provide the ideal accompaniment to healthy, locally sourced vegan cuisine. Discover a selection of perfectly balanced, meat and gluten-free dishes, which skilfully combine fine dining with plant-based ingredients. Quinoa and green lentils or a medley of both raw and cooked vegetables that’s dressed with finest quality olive oil, lemon and a selection of herbs, are two of Windows top dishes for vegan diners.


Located close to the Grand Théatre and Natural History Museum, Sunset Restaurant serves a primarily vegetarian and vegan menu. There are a wide variety of choices for completely meat, gluten and dairy-free diners, which include a hearty tofu kebab that’s garnished with mushrooms, brown rice and vegetables.

Vegan Geneva

Les Tilleuls

A favourite of vegans in Geneva, this sophisticated Italian restaurant offers tasty and generous vegan friendly dishes alongside its menu of authentic pasta, risotto and pizza. Deliciously fresh options include a flavourful gazpacho as well as a zingy quinoa salad with cranberries and a citrus dressing. 

Vegan Geneva


With two locations either side of the Rhône River, there’s no need to divert from your sightseeing activities to find the best vegan food in Geneva. Feast on creatively assembled vegetarian dishes like the much loved coconut rice, diced squash and smoked tofu hot bowls.

Holy Cow!

Moments from the Patek Phillipe Museum, which tells the tale of the famous Swiss master watchmakers, Holy Cow! is a modern, gourmet burger joint with options for everyone. Their Veggie Zest meal for instance, is served with a ‘funky salsa’, spicy apple chutney and rocket salad, and certainly packs a flavourful punch.

Discover Geneva’s best vegan food when you stay at Hotel d’Angleterre.


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