Hotel d'Angleterre's Sustainable Living Tips


Deftly combining sustainability and luxury, Hotel d'Angleterre has several energy saving tips worth sharing.


Proving that luxury can coexist with sustainability, Hotel d’Angleterre harmonises ecologically sound initiatives with the highest levels of style and service. Switzerland is highly regarded for its innovations in sustainability, recycling the vast majority of glass and PET containers as well as creating more space for forest, woodland and national parks. Following suit, our Geneva hotel is committed to making things greener, cleaner and kinder to the planet. Inspired by its in-house practices, here, Hotel d’Angleterre reveals its essential tips for sustainable living

Sustainable Living

Grown your own

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own fruit, vegetables or flowers at home. Whether you have a dedicated vegetable patch or a couple of window boxes, the rewards of healthy, home-grown, pesticide-free produce are many. Save waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells and coffee grounds to create compost.

Use energy efficient bulbs…

In 2017, Hotel d’Angleterre replaced all light sources with LED technology, reducing its consumption by 52,000kw, the equivalent of 100,000km by electric car. Using LED energy efficient bulbs in your home will dramatically reduce your energy consumption – and bill!

Sustainable Living

…And remember to switch off

When exiting rooms, don’t forget to turn off any lights, lamps and appliances to reduce your energy usage.

Get mobile

Where possible, eschew your car in favour of walking or cycling. Not only is it greener, reducing carbon emissions, but it’ll turbocharge your fitness levels as well.

Sustainable Living

Invest in a water-saving shower head…

Hotel d’Angleterre has introduced aerating shower heads that restrict the volume of water running through and increase air flow, reducing the amount that’s needed. You can easily purchase and install one of these in your home.

…And time your showers

Although a lingering soak is tempting, time your showers to limit how you long you spend in there and bring down your water bill. See if you can get them down to five minutes.

Shop smarter

When browsing the aisles, shop with your conscience, whether that means picking organic produce, or Fair Trade items. Support local growers and suppliers rather than big chain stores. Check the animal welfare practices of your meat supplier as well. To combat wastage, shop for groceries only when you need them so you don’t end up with more than you require.

Sustainable Living

Avoid using plastics

“One area that we are currently focusing on is reducing our reliance on one-use plastic,” explains Red Carnation Hotels’ Managing Director Jonathan Raggett. The blight of oceans and marine life, plastic consumption is at epidemic levels. Cut it out of your daily life as much as possible, including bottles, bags, drinking straws and packaging. Switch to paper options where you can.

Flush friendlier

Hotel d’Angleterre has reduced the water flow of flushing toilets without interfering with cleaning. Improve your sustainable living and limit water wastage by simply adding a brick or filled jam jar to your cistern. This trick reduces the amount of water held in the tank and therefore amount of water used per flush.

Clear out the chemicals

They may get the job done, but abrasive chemical cleaners for kitchens and bathrooms enter the water system and are damaging to the environment. Switch to natural, eco-friendly cleaning products or easily make them with baking soda, white vinegar and lemon.

All our Red Carnations Hotels are committed to ecologically sound approaches to sustainable living in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

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