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Booking Bar


The Cigar Lounge

A haven for cigar connoisseurs

The exclusive Cigar Lounge at our famous Leopard Bar is lauded by guests and local cigar aficionados alike due to its rich ambience and world-class cigar menu. Exuding classic charm and polished refinement, it boasts a cutting-edge air-flow extraction system in the floor and the ceiling’s wooden panelling, to ensure relaxation in total comfort. It is an intimate setting brimming with unique features, stylish furnishing and original artwork.

Food is not permitted, however guests may bring beverages into the Cigar Lounge.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday:

From 9h00 - 1h00


Telephone: +41 22 906 55 14

Food & Beverage Manager:
Romain Deffaugt


"Dishes should be generous and delicious, exuding fresh flavour without being over-complicated. Guest satisfaction is central to everything we do" 

Executive Chef, Michael Coquelle


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